EU-Vietnam Reached an Agreement on Free Trade Deal (cont.)

February 6, 2016 Following the negotiation process in December 2015, the text of Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Vietnam (EVFTA) has been made available on line since 1st of February 2016. For detail information, please visit:

EU-Vietnam Reached an Agreement on Free Trade Deal

December 25, 2015 On 4th August 2015, the agreement between the EU and Vietnam in principle reached for a free trade deal includes the elimination of nearly all tariffs (over 99%). After three years of intense talks, negotiations with commitments taken by both sides the Free Trade Agreement is considered one of the most comprehensive and ambitious trade… View Article

Vietnam Market Snapshots

September 25, 2015 Vietnam Market Snapshots Vietnam has made rapid economic progress since launching its first major economic reforms in 1986. It continues to develop from a low-cost labour economy to a higher value, high-quality enterprise marketplace. Vietnam is one of the most vibrant economies in Asia with a large market for capital goods and a growing domestic… View Article